FAIRFAX COUNTY Fairfax County Public Schools School Schedule Changes
Inclement weather or other school emergencies (such as power failures or extreme temperatures) may result in closing, delayed opening, or early dismissal of schools or a change in schedule for adult education classes. If this happens, emergency closing messages are sent out by e-mail to subscribers to the Keep in Touch e-mail notification system. To sign up for these messages, go to  [ Link ] and click on Keep in Touch. Radio and TV stations, including cable Channel 21 (a channel programmed by the school system), carry the news as soon as such decisions are made.This information is also displayed on the school system home page: Parents and students are urged not to call schools or administrative offices for this information. The Fairfax County Public Schools hot line lists closing, delayed opening, or dismissal of schools. The number is 1-800-839-3277. In order to be prepared for an unanticipated change in schedule, working parents need to make advance arrangements regarding where their children should go in case of an early closing.

Starting School
Whether you are new to Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) because your child has just reached school age or because you are new to the area, FCPS is pleased to have the opportunity to serve you. To help you prepare for your child's entrance into Fairfax County Public Schools, here is some information about the school system's K-12 program. Additional information for kindergarten parents can be found at  [ Link ]. Additional information for parents of older children new to FCPS can be found at  [ Link ]

Registration Procedures
It determines which school your child will attend. The FCPS boundary locator service provides the names of the elementary, middle, and high schools assigned to each home in the county. To access the service by telephone, call 703-329-9831 and follow the instructions, or visit  [ Link ]. Contact your child's school to make arrangements for enrollment. Most schools begin getting information together in late March or early April for parents of incoming kindergartners, and many schools host an orientation or open house. You will need to register your child at the school he or she will attend. Registration forms are available online at  [ Link ]

Student Registration, 703-876-5219, provides school enrollment for students whose home languages are other than English. (Multilingual registrars are available to help families with limited English proficiency.), foreign exchange students and students requiring I-20 student visas, all students whose natural parents or legally adoptive parents do not reside in Fairfax County, tuition-paying students, students in foster care placed by other Virginia counties or by out-of state agencies. Tuition is charged for students whose parents do not live in Fairfax County. Contact Student Registration at 703-876-5231 for enrollment of nonresident students.

FCPS has implemented procedures for the enrollment of homeless students. Parents or guardians of families experiencing homelessness may contact Student Registration at 703-876-5231 or any Fairfax County public school for enrollment assistance.To enroll a student, the following are required:

1) The presence of a parent or legal guardian. (A photo ID may be requested.)
2) Birth certificate.
3) Proof of residency in Fairfax County, generally a lease or a deed.
4) Transfer slip or report card from the previous school and/or original transcripts.
5) Certificate of a recent (within 12 months) physical examination:
By a licensed physician for a student being admitted for the first time into elementary school. A transfer student entering elementary school must provide either a record of a physical exam completed prior to enrolling in the previous school or a record of a physical exam completed within the past 12 months.
6) Evidence of a negative tuberculin skin test or a normal chest X-ray:

Administered within 90 days for all students who have resided in a foreign country (with the exception of Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and New Zealand) during the last five years for a consecutive period of five or more months.
7) Evidence of required immunizations:
Virginia law requires students to be immunized against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, and hepatitis B. Students born on or after January 1, 1997, are required to have been immunized against chicken pox. Effective October 1, 2008, immunization against human papilloma virus will be required for female students entering sixth grade. Students who lack required documentation of immunizations may be barred from attendance. Detailed information about immunization requirements is available in FCPS Regulation 2101. Objections based on religious grounds may be discussed with the principal.

* Additional information is available at  [ Link ]

School Hours
By state mandate, the school day is:
1) 3 hours for kindergarten.
2) 5.5 hours plus a lunch period for grades 1-12.
The Office of Transportation Services works in concert with school principals to develop the start and end times for each school to provide effective service while controlling the need for resources. Bell schedules must subsequently be approved by the Superintendent of Schools.
Transportation Students arrive at school by bus, by walking, or by private car (Kiss and Ride).

Bus service is provided for elementary-age children who live more than one mile from school, for secondary school children who live more than one and a half miles from school, and for children of any age where walking is unusually hazardous. Schedules for bus riders are mailed to each student or are available to parents at each school prior to the opening of school. Half-day morning kindergarten students are all transported home by bus in the midday. Afternoon kindergarten students all receive bus transportation to school, regardless of the distance from their homes to the schools. Afternoon and full-day kindergarten students who are eligible for bus transportation are transported to bus stops along with students in other grades. If no older child from the neighborhood is getting off the bus with the kindergartner, it is recommended that a parent, designated adult, or sibling be present at the stop to receive the kindergartner at the bus stop.

1) Refrain from crossing or playing on private property.
2) Cooperate with the safety patrols and obey the bus drivers.
3) Arrive at the bus stop five to ten minutes before the scheduled pickup time.
4) Remain seated and talk quietly after boarding the bus.

Younger walkers are encouraged to travel to and from school with older children from their neighborhoods. The PTA student directory available in the school office is a resource should parents need to contact neighborhood families. At some schools, crossing guards help walkers at intersections near the school. Parents may also meet their children at the school at dismissal time to walk home with them. Walking students are encouraged to use designated paths or sidewalks where safety patrols are stationed.

Each FCPS school has a designated "Kiss and Ride" area that is used by parents who drop off and/or pick up their children. Kiss and Ride procedures are provided to enrolling families at the start of each school year. For safety reasons, parents are asked not to discharge students anywhere else on the school property. Virginia state law forbids the passing of a school bus that is loading or unloading children; this law applies on school grounds, too. If picking up your child from the school office, please park in a visitor's space rather than leave your car unattended along the yellow curb in front of the school. This area must remain free for fire and emergency vehicles.

More Information
The FCPS Office of Transportation Services offers resources and safety information for students traveling to and from school on its web site at  [ Link ]
Before- and After-School Care School Age Child Care (SACC) is a Fairfax County Office for Children program for children attending elementary school. The program accommodates families in which all adults in the home are working, are attending school, or are disabled. The program provides professional care for children attending kindergarten through sixth grade and is offered at most elementary schools. Fees are based on gross household income. (Please Note: This program is run by the Fairfax County government, NOT Fairfax County Public Schools.) SACC operates school-year, summer, winter, and spring programs. During the school year, children may enroll in separate sessions:

1. Before school.
2. After kindergarten.
3. After school.
4. Summer and winter, spring holiday session: (703) 449-8989,  [ Link ]
Food and Nutrition Services A variety of nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and a la carte offerings are served by 1,300 food service employees to about 145,000 school customers each day in every school. In addition to publicized lunches, the following are available daily:

1) Chef salads, yogurt, or peanut butter and jelly sandwich lunches.
2) low-fat milk, ice cream, 100 percent fruit juice, and other limited a la carte items that meet nutrient standards for fat, saturated fat, trans fat, added sugar, and calories. Elementary school students cannot purchase a la carte items unless they have purchased a lunch or brought a lunch from home.
3) Snacks for kindergarten students (small fee required).
4) Lunch and snacks for School Age Child Care (SACC) students and FECEP (Head Start) students.
5) Vending services offer nutritious snacks in middle and high schools. These meet the nutrition standards of the Institute of Medicine and the Virginia Governor's Nutrition and Physical Activity Scorecard. Breakfast is available in schools and centers with 35 or more participants.

Student Account Balances
Students will have the same student cafeteria personal identification numbers (PINs) when they return to school next year. For students who will be going to a different school in the fall, the cafeteria PIN number and account balance will automatically move to the new school with them. There are three ways to purchase meals in the following. Free and reduced-price lunches are also available to students unable to pay the full price of menus according to criteria based on household size and income. Applications are mailed to all households in August. Applications translated into Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Farsi, Urdu, and Arabic are available in schools. School meals are planned by registered dietitians to reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and student preferences as determined at student taste parties. Menus include whole grain products such as bread and cereals. For daily menus, check cable television (Channel 21) or go to

1) Online:  [ Link ] with a convenience fee ($1.95 per transaction) .
2) Check: Payable to (School Name) Food Services at the food service manager's office.
3) Cash: Cash may be brought to the food service manager's office for deposit on a student's account, or a student may pay cash on a daily basis. Parents may purchase breakfast and lunch for their children by the month, week, or day. Parents may specify how payments are to be used by their children - meals only or meals and a la carte.
Health Information Annual Health Screening
Vision and hearing screening of all kindergartners, third graders, seventh graders, tenth graders, and newly enrolled Fairfax County students is conducted each fall by the public health nurse, clinic room aide, and clinic volunteers. This is only a brief screening; parents should continually be alert to identify vision or hearing difficulties that indicate need for examination by a specialist.

Health Services
Health services in the school, including the administration of medication and modified first aid, are performed by the clinic aide and office staff members. According to state regulations, the clinic staff may provide care only for minor illnesses and injuries. If the student's condition requires more attention, the parent will be contacted.

Medication at School
Students may take medication at school, including throat lozenges and nasal spray, under strict adult supervision and in accordance with School Board Regulation 2102.10. Forms authorizing the school to administer medication are available in the school office or online. With a parent or guardian's signature and a physician's signature, prescription and over-the-counter medication may be stored in the clinic and given as needed throughout the school year. With a parent or guardian's signature only, over-the-counter pain relievers for muscle aches and headaches may be stored in the clinic and administered at school. Any other-over-the-counter medications may be given for up to ten consecutive school days with the parent or guardian's signature. Beyond ten days, a physician's signature is required.

Medication Guidelines
Parents and guardians must transport medications to and from the school. With parent or guardian approval, a high school student may carry an over-the-counter medication to and from the school clinic. Your child must have the first dose of any new medication at home. A parent or guardian must personally collect any unused portion of the medication. Medications not claimed will be destroyed. A parent or guardian is responsible for submitting a new form to the school each time the dosage is changed or each time the time at which the medication is to be taken is changed.

Health Care Plans
Parents or guardians enrolling a student with a health condition, health-related need, or specific health care procedure that affects the school day should contact the principal so that a health care plan can be discussed.

When to Stay Home
Students with symptoms such as rashes, watery and inflamed eyes, fever, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea should stay home until a doctor evaluates their symptoms and determines whether or not they are contagious. The Fairfax County Department of Health recommends that children remain home fever-free for 24 hours after an illness prior to returning to school. To limit the spread of illnesses, notify the school office if your child gets head lice, strep throat, chicken pox, or other contagious illnesses.

Taking Your Child Home
Our school clinics work to control and manage student exposure to contagious diseases and will call you if your child exhibits symptoms of illness. We ask that you make arrangements to pick up your child as soon as possible after receiving such a call. It is important to have all emergency numbers up to date in case we need to contact you. Anyone picking up your child must show identification.

Returning to School
Some rashes, pink eye, impetigo, ringworm, and scabies can be passed from one student to another. To protect all FCPS students, the school system requires a note from a physician for any child with symptoms of these illnesses. The note must state that the child is not contagious before he or she can return to school.

Food Allergies at School
To provide a safe educational environment for a student with severe food allergies, schools, parents and guardians, physicians, and the student must work together. The school public health nurse will work with the family and the physician to develop a school health care plan for the student. Parents or guardians enrolling a student with severe allergies should contact the school principal as early as possible so that a safe plan can be instituted. More information on the school health program can be found at
Parent Resources Fairfax County Health Department
The goal of the Fairfax County Health Department is to protect public health and the environment in which we live. Services include:

1) Immunizations against diseases such as hepatitis B, measles, mumps, rubella, tetanus, polio, diphtheria, and pertussis.
2) Case management for high-risk children and families.
3) Children's specialty services (neurology, cystic fibrosis, eye surgery, orthopedic).
4) Primary health care for low income, uninsured county residents (pediatric care).
5) Dental services for children.
6) Vision screenings and examinations.
7) Referral for other services within the county.

For more information, visit the Health Department web site at  [ Link ] or call 703-246-2411 (TDY 703-591-6435).

Parenting Classes and Support
FCPS Department of Communications and Community Outreach offers classes and resources for families related to discipline, communication, conflict resolution, family involvement, and school success. For more information, call 703-277-2626, or go to  [ Link ].
School Directory Detailed information about individual schools is available from each school and in School Profiles, which can be accessed at the FCPS web site,  [ Link ]. Free access to the Internet is available at Fairfax County public libraries. Directory information is accurate as of June 2008. Please Note: To determine which schools serve your particular address, go to  [ Link ] or call the Fairfax County Public Schools automated voice recognition system at 703-329-9831. If you have questions concerning boundary information, please call the boundary information phone line at 703-246-6920 or 6930 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Insurance Optional student accident and life insurance plans are available at low cost. Policies offered include school-time, 24-hour, and football accident insurance; dental accident insurance; and life insurance. Call First Service Insurance, Inc., at 1-800-422-7722. Student Responsibilities and Rights Fairfax County Public Schools has specific student conduct rules that are reviewed annually with all students in all grades. Students may be disciplined by school officials, including suspension and expulsion, for conduct while on school property, for conduct while engaged in or attending a school activity, or for conduct that affects students while going to or returning home from school. Students may also be disciplined for acts committed away from school property and outside school hours if the conduct is detrimental to the interest of the school or adversely affects school discipline or if the conduct results in a criminal charge or conviction. Students may be excluded from school for expulsion from another school division or private school. Policies having to do with dress code, Pledge of Allegiance, cell phones, assault, bullying, harassment, disruption of school activities, threats, gang-related activities, use or possession of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, weapons, and school safety can also be found in the current version of Regulation 2601 (Student Responsibilities and Rights booklet). The booklet is available by calling 571-423-4270 or by accessing the school system's web site: Advocacy Handbook for Parents This handbook is written from a parent's perspective to answer questions parents have about the school system and to encourage parents to form partnerships with the schools. The handbook serves as a resource guide to FCPS. The handbook has been translated into Korean, Spanish, and Vietnamese. The handbook can be viewed or downloaded from the FCPS web site at:  [ Link ]. To request a staff member to conduct an orientation session at your school, community center, or faith organization, call the Minority Student Achievement Oversight Committee's staff liaison at 703-208-7785.

Program of Studies
The required instructional program for FCPS is defined in the Program of Studies (POS), which contains:
1) Curriculum content and essential knowledge and skills for each grade level and course.
2) approved instructional resources.
3) Assessment activities.
4) Alignment with the Virginia Standards of Learning. The POS overview and other academic programs may be reviewed at any school or at the FCPS web site:  [ Link ].

Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are given in reading and mathematics to all students in grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8, and science tests are given to students in grades 3, 5, and 8. History SOL tests are administered in grades 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8. In high school, SOL tests are administered when students complete specific courses. The course types and number of SOLs administered in each area are: English (2), mathematics (3), science (3), and history (3). The Virginia Alternate Assessment program (VAAP), the Virginia Grade Level Alternative (VGLA), and the Virginia Substitute Evaluation program (VSEP) were developed by the Virginia Department of Education for students with disabilities who cannot participate in SOL tests. These assessments are for students in the grade levels or courses that are assessed by the regular SOL tests. Special education teachers begin collecting student data for these portfolio-type compilations of student achievement indicators at the beginning of the school year and continue through the spring. The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA2) is administered to all students in grades 1 and 2. This Fairfax County Public Schools-mandated assessment measures oral reading accuracy and reading comprehension. For information on testing, call the Office of Student Testing at 703-208-7779.

Graduation Requirements
Graduating students in the class of 2008 must earn a minimum of 22 credits, or 24 credits if pursuing the advanced studies diploma, in order to graduate from high school. Students graduating in 2008 will be required to earn 6 verified units of credit for a standard diploma and 9 verified credits for an advanced studies diploma. A verified unit of credit is based on satisfactory completion of a specific course and a passing score on the end-of-course Standards of Learning test for that course. See the FCPS Standard Course Offerings for further details on credits required for graduation. FCPS Standard Course Offerings may be obtained in the counseling department of each FCPS high school. Students eligible to receive special education services may also pursue modified standard diplomas or special diplomas. Contact the counseling department or special education department in an FCPS high school for information about these diplomas. Adult high school completion programs are offered through the Office of Adult and Community Education. Call 703-207-4014 for information.
Special Programs Fairfax County Public Schools offers a host of special programs for all students. A list of these programs, along with a short description of each, follows. For more in-depth information on these programs, call the phone number given or visit the web site provided (if listed) or go to  [ Link ].

Adult/Alternative High Schools
Alternative high school diploma-granting programs for students who require a nontraditional setting are offered at Bryant Adult/Alternative High School, Landmark Career Academy, Mountain View Adult/Alternative High School, and Pimmit Hills Adult/Alternative High School.

Adult and Community Education
Adult and community education programs offer lifelong learning and volunteer opportunities year-round in community facilities and local schools. Courses include: adult basic education and high school completion, family literacy, technical apprenticeships, computer technology, career development, behind-the-wheel driving, financial planning, before- and after-school children's classes, foreign language, and English for speakers of other languages. For additional information, go to  [ Link ].

Advanced Placement (AP)
The Advanced Placement (AP) program provides rigorous academic college preparatory coursework in the major subject fields. Courses are offered in English, social studies, science, foreign languages, math, and fine arts. AP courses are open to highly motivated students, primarily in 11th and 12th grades; a few courses are open to underclassmen as well. Fairfax County Public Schools recognizes a student who takes a minimum of five AP courses and scores at least a 3 on each AP exam with an AP diploma. AP courses are open to any student who is interested in academic rigor. AP courses are recognized for college credit by many universities in the United States and abroad. For more information about the AP program, see  [ Link ] The AP program is offered at Centreville, Chantilly, Fairfax, Falls Church, Herndon, Langley, Madison, McLean, Oakton, West Potomac, West Springfield, Westfield, and Woodson High Schools and at Hayfield, Lake Braddock, and South County Secondary Schools. A list of AP courses in FCPS schools is available on the FCPS web site at  [ Link ]. For more information, contact a participating school or the advanced academic programs office at 703-208-7706.

Alternative Learning Centers
The Alternative Learning Center (ALC) is designed to provide continued educational opportunities in core classes for students in grades 6 through 10 who have been involved in serious disciplinary incidents.
Career and Technical Education Comprehensive high schools offer courses in the following areas: business and information technology, family and consumer sciences, marketing, technology education, and trade and industrial. In addition, programs in business, technology education, and family and consumer sciences are offered in the middle schools. Courses in health and medical sciences are available to all FCPS high school juniors and seniors at Chantilly, Edison, Falls Church, and West Potomac High Schools, and school bus transportation may be provided. Programs for students with special interests are available at community-based locations and at single school sites. For further information, call the Office of Career and Technical Education at 703-208-7796, or visit the web site at  [ Link ].

College Partnership Program
The College Partnership program is a comprehensive educational partnership that involves the school system, colleges and universities, businesses, parents, and community organizations. The program provides a variety of activities that help selected students develop the academic and personal skills required for college entrance. For eligibility criteria and additional information, call 571-423-4410.

Day Care
School Age Child Care (SACC) is provided before school, after kindergarten, and after school in certain elementary school buildings. This program is operated by the Fairfax County Office for Children (which is NOT part of Fairfax County Public Schools). For more information, call 703-449-8989.

Early Identification Program
The Early Identification program (EIP) at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, Virginia, is an innovative multiyear college preparatory program for middle and high school students. This GMU-FCPS partnership increases the number of students from traditionally underrepresented populations who attend and complete college. For more information, call the Office of Student Achievement at 703-208-7721.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
ESOL services are provided in all schools to more than 21,000 students to help them develop their English proficiency and enhance their academic achievement. With specialized instruction and materials, ESOL teachers work collaboratively with other teachers to provide access to content coursework while simultaneously helping students progress in English. For additional information, call 703-846-8632. ESOL classes for adults are offered throughout the county. For locations and class schedules, call 703-714-5560.

Fine Arts
The FCPS fine arts program is offered to all students and includes music, theater arts, and visual arts. Programs for high school students with special interests in the fine arts are available at the West Potomac and Fairfax High School academies. For further information, call 703-208-7719, or visit the web site at  [ Link ]

Focus Schools
Focus schools offer special instructional opportunities to help individual schools explore new initiatives that would benefit student achievement and the school community. Additional instructional materials or staff members are provided to support these community-designed unique education programs. Examples include: math, science, and communication technology; fine arts and languages; flexible scheduling; and French.

Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES)
Foreign language in the elementary school (FLES) is an approach to language learning that allows students to develop basic communicative skills in a language while reinforcing and enriching content in other disciplines. The FLES model develops students' language proficiency by providing language instruction that supports the concepts taught in the subject areas at the respective grade level. Generally, programs provide 30 minutes of instruction two to three times per week, and the culture of the target language is integrated into instruction. For more information, go to  [ Link ].

Foreign Language Partial-Immersion Program
Selected elementary and middle schools offer partial-immersion programs in French, Spanish, Japanese, and German. Applications for rising first graders are available in all elementary schools in January and at  [ Link ]. For more information, call the foreign language office at 703-208-7724.

Gifted and Talented
Programs are available for gifted and talented students, grades K-12. For further information about the elementary school programs, call 703-846-8670. For information about the middle school programs, call 703-846-8674. For information about the high school programs, call 703-208-7706 or your child's school.

High School Academies
Five high school academies offer advanced technical and specialized elective courses for students interested in pursuing careers in communication arts, business, engineering, scientific technology, or health and human services. In the academy elective course offerings, juniors and seniors receive both career and academic preparation for future learning in college and career fields.

High School for Science and Technology
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology offers a comprehensive college preparatory program emphasizing science, mathematics, and technology. For more information, call 703-750-8335, or go to  [ Link ]

Interagency Alternative Schools
Interagency alternative schools offer an education program for at-risk youth who have been placed by agency representatives and who have not been successful in traditional school settings. These schools are included in the alternative school programs list. For more information regarding these programs, call 703-208-6406.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
The International Baccalaureate (IB) program provides a comprehensive rigorous education emphasizing analytical thinking, reading, and writing skills with an international perspective. It is an advanced level college preparatory program open to highly motivated 11th and 12th grade students who seek academic rigor. A student can earn a full IB diploma by completing courses in six areas - English, foreign language, social studies, science, math, and elective. Beyond completing the course requirements, diploma students are required to engage in community service (CAS), individual research (extended essay), and Theory of Knowledge class. Students may also choose to earn IB certificates for individual IB courses. For more information about the IB program see  [ Link ] A list of IB courses in FCPS schools is available on the FCPS web site at  [ Link ]. For more information, contact a participating school or the advanced academic programs office at 703-208-7706.

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IBMYP)
Four FCPS teams - Whitman Middle and Mount Vernon High, Hughes Middle and South Lakes High, Glasgow Middle and Stuart High, and Holmes and Poe Middle and Annandale High Schools have been authorized by the International Baccalaureate Organization to offer the International Baccalaureate Middle Years program (IBMYP). IBMYP provides an academically challenging framework for students in grades 6 through 10. For further information, contact a participating school or the Office of Middle School Instruction at 703-846-8674.

MentorWorks is the umbrella name for school based mentoring programs in Fairfax County Public Schools. Founded in 1999, its mission is to connect every student in the school system with a caring and responsible adult in a mentoring relationship. Several elementary, middle, and high schools have successfully implemented mentoring programs using a variety of models including traditional one-to-one relationships, group, team, and peer mentoring. The MentorWorks program is focused on helping students develop their strengths and capabilities and strives to assist students in reaching their full potentials. For further information, call 571-423-1223 or go to  [ Link ].

Middle School After-School Programs
All FCPS middle schools offer comprehensive, high-quality after-school programs five days a week. Particular program offerings vary by school, but all offer activities that address four key strategies: academic support and enrichment; social skills and youth development; physical fitness, health, and recreation; and, family and community involvement. For more information, go to  [ Link ].

Online Campus
The FCPS Online Campus is a web-based high school course delivery program. FCPS Online Campus delivers courses identical in content to those offered in traditional classrooms and uses multimedia to teach students. For more information, go to  [ Link ].

Preschool Diagnostic Centers
Preschool Diagnostic Centers offer comprehensive developmental assessments of preschool children between the ages of two and five years. Children who exhibit significant developmental delays can be considered for special education eligibility and services. The Preschool Diagnostic Centers are administered by the psychology services office, 571-423-4260.

Professional Development Academic Center
A professional development academic center is available at Riverside Elementary School. The program consists of four teachers, certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS), who teach primary and upper elementary students with a focused high-quality program of instruction. The program specifically addresses the critical issues and challenges facing this multicultural school.

Psychology Services
A psychologist is assigned to each school. Psychologists are child development and mental health specialists who work with students, parents, and school staff members to maximize every student's capacity for academic and social success. Additional information is available by calling the psychology services office at 571-423-4260.

QUEST is a three-year science, math, language arts, and technology program for high-achieving minority students in grades 6-8. It is designed to increase the number of underrepresented students in advanced secondary programs such as AP, IB, Honors, and TJHSST. For additional information, call the Office of Student Achievement at 703-208-7737.

School Counseling
A sequential and developmental counseling program is provided to all students, kindergarten through grade 12. For a brochure and further information, call 571-423-4420 or the local school.

Social Work Services
School social workers are assigned to every school and center. They provide counseling and other services to students, parents, and school staff members. Social workers serve as a link between school, home, and the community. For further information, call the Office of Social Work and Support Services at 571-423-4300.

Special Education
Special education services are provided for students with disabilities in accordance with their individualized education programs. Additional information about special education services may be obtained from your child's school, the special education web site  [ Link ], or the Parent Resource Center at 703-204-3941. The TTD number is 703-204-3956. Parents concerned about the developmental skills of their preschool-age children may call Preschool Child Find at 703-876-5244 to discuss their concerns and/or to request a free developmental assessment. Concerned parents of school-age children should contact their school principals.

Student Activities and Athletics
Fairfax County Public Schools offers opportunities at the secondary level for growth and enrichment through athletics, student government, performing groups, publications, honor societies, and special interest groups. For further information, contact the student activities office at each high school or call 571-423-1260.

Substance Use Prevention and Violence Prevention
Fairfax County Public Schools supports the school-community coalitions that have been established throughout the county to focus on issues of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use prevention and violence among youth. More information is available at  [ Link ] or by calling the Safe and Drug-Free Youth Section at 571-423-4270.

Summer School
A wide variety of summer school programs are offered for students in grades K-12 at selected sites. These programs are coordinated by the Office of Adult and Community Education (ACE). For more information, call 703-658-1269 or go to  [ Link ].

Summit Program
This program provides intensive behavioral and academic interventions to help build responsibility, positive relationships, and resilience in grades kindergarten through 11. Students are accepted into the program every five weeks in conjunction with interim and quarterly grading reports. For more information, call 571-423-4020.

Title I
The Title I program provides assistance in language arts and mathematics for approximately 15,000 low-achieving students in 34 elementary schools. For a brochure and additional information, call 703-846-8635 or 703-846-8642. Transitional High School Program Four sites offer evening classes designed to meet the instructional needs of students who:

1) have limited English proficiency.
2) are 18 years old or older.
3) have limited, interrupted, or no prior schooling and/or are working significantly below grade level.
For additional information go to  [ Link ], or call 703-876-5264
Services Cable TV
FCPS operates six cable TV channels. Two channels - Red Apple 21 and Community Classroom 25 - are available to all Cox Communications subscribers in Fairfax County and Comcast Cable Communications subscribers in Reston. Four channels are available in FCPS buildings only. In addition, many FCPS television programs have been videostreamed (made available for viewing online) and can be found at  [ Link ]. A program guide, Fine Tuning, is also available online.

Community Relations
The Office of Community Relations provides information about the schools to parents, school employees, community members, and businesses; keeps school employees informed about the community they serve; and is the school system's public response center. For information about any school system issue, call 571-423-1200 or go to  [ Link ].

Food and Nutrition Services
A variety of nutritious breakfasts, lunches, and a la carte offerings are served by over 1,300 food service employees to more than 145,000 school customers each day in every school. For daily menus, check cable television (Channel 21) or visit the food and nutrition services web site at:  [ Link ]. The list of ingredients for all food items served in the school cafeterias is available on the web site, and nutrient information for all food items served is posted in school cafeterias.

Health Services
Health services in the school, including the administration of medication and modified first aid, are performed by the clinic aide and office staff members. According to state regulations, the clinic staff may provide care only for minor illnesses and injuries. If the student's condition requires more attention, the parent will be contacted. Parents or guardians of a student with a health condition, health-related need, or specific health care procedure that affects the school day should contact the school staff so that a health care plan can be discussed. For more information, go to  [ Link ]. The Fairfax County Health Department provides a variety of affordable health services and programs to families throughout Fairfax County. The programs have different age, income, citizenship, and residency requirements. For more information, call 703-246-2411 or check the web site at:  [ Link ].

Keep in Touch
Keep in Touch is a service that allows employees, parents, and others interested in emergency messages and other information about the school system to receive updates via e-mail. Users can also elect to receive messages on cell phones and other text message devices. Participants can set up individualized profiles and receive the most up-to-date information as soon as it is available. To sign up, visit the FCPS web site at  [ Link ] and choose “Keep in Touch” on the left-hand side. Or use the direct link at  [ Link ].

The Fairfax County Department of Community and Recreation Services schedules athletic programs in schools and on school grounds after school hours, on weekends, and during vacation periods. For more information, call 703-324-4FUN(4386). The Fairfax County Park Authority conducts classes throughout the year and summer Rec-Pac in schools. For more information, call 703-222-4664.

FCPS operates a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week security force. Security personnel provides daytime security patrol of elementary and middle schools and nighttime patrol of all FCPS buildings. He/she works closely with the Fairfax County police and conduct building security inspections and assessments. He/she serves as the central communications center after normal business hours and can be reached at 703-764-2400. He/she help principals develop and evaluate critical incident and security plans.

Translation and Interpretation Services
Many school documents are translated into the languages most represented in the school system. Interpreters are available for conferences, assessments, and other school functions. Parents who need the services of a language interpreter for school purposes should contact the local school to arrange for these services. Schools and offices will contact Language Services in Student Registration to arrange for translation and interpretation services. Hearing impaired parents who require the services of a sign language or oral interpreter or cued speech transliterator for parent teacher conferences and other school-related functions should notify the school office of the date and time of the meeting.

The school system owns and operates one of the nation's largest school bus fleets, consisting of 1,600 buses that transport over 110,000 students to and from school each day. For answers to questions regarding specific student transportation situations, call the appropriate transportation section:
1) Local school.
2) Special education, 703-446-2050.
3) Lorton administrative office, 703-446-2000.
4) Training center, 703-714-5665.
5) After-hours emergency number, 703-764-2400.

Use of Facilities
The use of school facilities by community groups is encouraged. To arrange to use a school, contact the principal. For more information, call 703-246-6940.

FCPS has one of the largest and most versatile volunteer programs in the country. Citizens are urged to participate by contacting the nearest school or office.

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