Metro Washington Metropolitan Area transit Authority 202-637-7000  [ Link ]

Metrorail Facts To view all Metrorail Stations and Amenities please visit  [ Link ] To view Metrorail Schedules please visit  [ Link ] Operation Hours 1. Stations Open at:
- 5 a.m. Monday through Friday - 7 a.m. Saturday and Sunday

2. Stations Close at:

Midnight Sunday through Thursday
3 a.m. Friday and Saturday: Last trains may leave some stations before the station closes. When traveling late night, please check the last train times which are posted in every station.

3. On Holidays, Stations Open:
- 5 a.m.- Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Christmas Day, and July 4th - 7 a.m.- New year’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day
Rider Etiquette: 1. Remember that priority seats are reserved for senior citizens and people with disabilities.
2. Please obey the law. Do not eat, drink, spit, litter or play audio or video equipment without earphones.
3. Bikes are welcomed on Metrorail except when there is heavy ridership (commuting times, major events, etc.).
For More information: 1. Customer Assistance (Register suggestions, complaints and commendations.) 202-637-1328
2. Customer Information (Bus/Rail schedules, fares, routes, parking) 202-637-7000; TTY 202-638-3780
3. Guaranteed Ride Home (Registration required. Free program gets you home in case of personal emergency or unscheduled overtime.) 800-745-RIDE
4. ID Cards for Riders with Disabilities 202-962-1245; TTY 202-628-8973
5. Lost and Found 202-962-1195
6. MetroAccess 301-562-5361
7. Metro System Status (Recorded information on elevators/escalators and service delays.) 202-962-1212
8. Transit police (Emergencies) 202-962-2121
9. TripFax (Timetable faxes) 202-962-1420
10. Wheelchair Life-Equipped Metrobuses 202-962-1825
How to use Metro system 1. Finding the Metro Station
If you're driving, look for the large Metro signs to direct you to stations. Look for tall brown columns with a large "M" identifying the station entrances. Color stripes on the column show which lines serve the station.

2. Waiting for the Train
Read stations signs to learn which train platform to use for your destination. Stand behind the bumpy tiles along the platform's edge. Watch for flashing lights along the platform edge, which signal a train's arrival. Station signs will also alert you to a train's arrival.

3. Boarding the Train
Check the destination of the train posted above the side windows. Stand clear of the train car doors and let riders get off before you board. Step over the small gap between the platform and the train.
Listen for the chimes that signal the car doors are closing. If the train is full, step back and wait for the next train. Unlike elevator doors, train doors do not reopen automatically.

4. Exiting the Train and Station
Use the same farecard you used to enter the system when you exit the system.

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